Friday, January 23, 2009

Some Changes are Good

I woke up this morning thinking about change; I haven't done that since I turned in my proposal. I shrugged it off and went about my day's usual start. As I was shuffling things around on my desk, this picture fell out of one of my notebooks.

The man in the picture is Homer Sweet. He would be dead in a very few months. The little kid is me. The house in back is the one I live in now. He was born in Sheldon, and, could figure board feet of lumber in his head.

However, for his entire life, he could neither read nor write.

I also have my grandmother's autograph book, a popular form of pleasure in the 19th and early 20th centuries. (She was born in 1865.) On the inside of the cover she wrote:

Given to me on my 14th birthday, if I would not read a book for a year.

Some changes in Vermont are part of much wider changes that occur in history. And, funny coincidence--this post is I guess, my small contribution to The Big Read.


  1. So okay, Clair! In response to your request, I'm now a follower. Greetings from Jordan - or about to be. I lOVE the photo of you and your dad. I'm thrilled you're able to live in the place of your birth. I had to sell the family farm to finance my parents final years. I miss it still. my son hasn't forgiven me. That image brought back memories.

  2. Then you understand! And, I'm assuming you are reconnecting with the women you are working with. I wish you well! And BTW, he's my grandfather!

  3. Sorry - your grandfather. But question - Do you have the same problem I have when thumbing through the family photos - NO attributions? makes me crazy! I have all these great photos of my great grandfather's ministry in the NE kingdom - but no way to tell who's who! And since all live sources of info are deceased - no way to add knowledge. May this serve as a cautionary reminder!
    I'm working with archeologists (doing artifact illustration) here on sites through-out the Levant. (gotta pay my way)While setting up exhibitions for the Maiden Voyages project in 2010. The guy who runs the research center here in Amman is a 'Tuttle' from Tunbridge, VT - gotta love it!