Saturday, January 10, 2009

For Mariella

In hopes of enticing a fellow finalist to Franklin County I offer this. It is a PARTIAL portrait of Fairfax Falls. This is not a wilderness falls, it is a working falls, powering a hydro-electric plant on the Lamoille River. It is a site and sound to behold and to hear in the spring. I emphasize "partial" because the falls are quite high and powerful, dropping down to the rock-encased river below. There is a nice flat, stone covered shore at the bottom, quite perfect for an easel and an artist!


  1. Clair, Fairfax falls, and the hydro-station are on my list of "bridges" I will be painting in the spring if I get the AoA grant. Actually, I am also going to include that nice old steel lattice truss either in the distance (like the ugly guy) or in the foreground (maybe like the nice looking couple...) The plan I outlined called for the Fairfax hydro-station to be portrayed and displayed beside another painting of infrastructure... something Vermonters greet with pride and nostalgia, like a covered bridge.

  2. Hi Clair, wow that is a powerful looking waterfall. Sign me up! Curtis, Susan and I could have aparty there. I also like the book COLOR, especially her chapter on yellow ochre in Australia. I have a New England color sense-- looking out the window into the snowy woods, the colors are so lovely this morning. I don't have a tropical bone in my body! I also love early ohotographs by CArleton Watkins in the Rockies. He got these amazing greys. Grey! My favorite color! Mariella

  3. Yes! And if you all let me watch, I'll bring water and peanut butter sandwiches!! Some lovely morning, or afternoon, in August when the bugs are gone. But spring is of course best for the torrent.