Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Vermont Story

It's done! And though, at Staples, after they'd photocopied my thumbnail page, I paid for it and started to walk out, all happified, when I realized that I'd forgotten to have them photocopy the proposal pages, I remain relatively sane.

So, I thought I'd commemorate the occasion with a little Vermont story.

I used to commute from home to Richford, for about five years. There was one stop sign in the 26 miles and a it was a lovely commute. But, because I was usually on the road around 5 a.m., I often had to stop and wait for cows crossing the road. I liked that. It also frequently occurred on the way home.

One afternoon, I came upon a loose cow in the road. And it was just over the top of the hill near the farmhouse. I slammed on my brakes, put my blinkers on, leapt out and raced to the house. As I came around the corner, the farmer was walking up from the barn.

"Quick!" I hollered, "You've got a cow in the road!"

"Which one?", he yelled, walking faster and grinning.

As I instinctively started to look back, I caught myself. I looked at him, grinned, and said, "A black and white one."

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