Friday, March 3, 2017

New Venture

it's been well more than a year since my last post. I am reviving this blog because I am becoming a weaver. Same old enticements got me to try this area of invention: color, design, breadth of possibilities.

Now that I've started on this path, I can't see the end, which is exactly the kind of path I like.

I will be posting an image of every experiment I complete (and experiments are what my projects will be for a very long time!).

The images are in the order created. The first
was just to relearn what I'd forgotten when I first tried two years ago. Not surprisingly I ran into many problems, but each one was a grand learning experience.

The second project was to try a pattern on a warp and once a chunk was finished I would change the treadling to see the effects. However, I was so enamored of this pattern that I just kept going but with a different weft each time. (Will post a photo of the whole thing when I can find it!)

I already knew that my real interest would be crackle and so having ironed out the basic weaving problems, I ventured into the crackle pit. I was pleasantly surprised by the regular irregularity of this piece.

This is the second crackle attempt, and, while it has the fewest issues of anything woven so far, I like it less because it is so regular.

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