Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Artist Gardener: iPad painting by Corliss Blakely

This iPad painting by Corliss Blakely is fascinating for me. Especially do I like the blurred sketch of what I'm guessing is one of her black/white watercolors. A group of those watercolors is hanging at the STAART Gallery in St. Albans, Vermont right now. And, though it wouldn't be quite a $600 million heist as recently occurred in Paris -- it would still be a heist nontheless -- and one I've contemplated in my weaker moments!

But, I love the casualness of this particular painting--seems a departure from her more structured/studied paintings. This makes it richer and more appealing for me. I look forward to more in this vein; it's valuble to be aware of an artist's growth

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Continuing Color Obsession

Even as my own world grows duller and thicker, colors eventually explode in my brain. They chew away until they have a space large enough for them to combust. I'm grateful for this, but wish I had the ability to exercise some control over their unruliness within me.

Our World I - 9" x 12" - Watercolor on paper.

To View in Gallery

A Morning to Remember

With a nod to the Titanic as I still wait to lose my land, these images gave themselves to me. Sunrises are, for me, more often spectacular than their opposites. They are also fleeting as the light seems to change much much faster. These three appeared within 5 minutes: the first two facing east, the third facing west.
Spring Morning I
Spring Morning II
Spring Morning III