Sunday, April 7, 2013

Absence Means the Heart is Elsewhere

Been a while since the last post. BUT, there are reasons:
  • My involvement with encaustic work has been intense. 
  • Much to learn and explore.  
  • Serious illness in the family which, at the moment, is experiencing a reprieve. 
  • Nearing publication of a Kindle book for those who want to do encaustics, but can't afford it.
  • Volunteer work on design and production of a juried Exhibition in Print for the International Encaustic Artists
  •  Teaching Web Design and Development at the Community College of Vermont.
  • Preparing for my solo photography show in White River May 17th - July 17th. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: "New" blog for artists to follow:
Susan Abbott, Vermont painter, traveller, and painting instructor has initiated her Saturday Posts. The first issue is out and talks about Watercolor Palettes. If you are a painter you really need to lock onto this one. Abbott's knowledge of painting (oils and watercolors) is broad and deep. Take advantage of it.

Susan Abbot: A Painter's Year

Two New Encaustics

Dark Fiber
Against the Grain

For proper viewing:

For now, that's all folks  . . .

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  1. A friend gave me a box of 24 Yarka watercolors for my birthday--now I need to learn how to use them---they are like river stones...
    Thanks for the leads!