Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tennis, Anyone?

No. Not tennis; this is me.

But, I've a new addiction: Google's Ngram.

Here's the game. And of course you can make your own.

Find ten NON-NOUNS that pinpoint the start of the industrial revolution to within a decade.

Or maybe you want to play the easy version. Find five.


How long before someone with money puts out a game, apps, a Wii Version?

Not long I bet. But you heard it here first.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Glorious sky

A grand and glorious evening sky, with a murder of crows in St. Albans, Vermont. Shot with my iPhone.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Finally -- real fonts available for the web

In my other life as a typographer (going on 40 years now) I have long bemoaned the absence of "typography" on the web. Early on it was non-existent. A bit later, madly cumbersome, but possible-- as here in my very old site for Fairfax Press.

Today I was checking out my recent, non-urgent emails, and found one from the Monotype Corporation. (They are a venerable type foundry that did much to influence typography in the 20th Century.) There was a message from them about using their web fonts service. I read it and tried it. And it worked. Because this free facility used fonts which resided on their site, I was experimenting to see if it would slow page-loading significantly; it did not. Consequently, I send you now to the manifesto page of my iPhone Photography work once again, but this time just to see the type face.

It's Bembo--the face I decided upon for my house face decades ago when I was setting up Fairfax Press. However, I couldn't afford it and settled on Deepdene instead. But Bembo was my first love among the book faces, and it remains so. (I note with pleasure that Edward Tufte's books are set in Bembo. Though I just bet I was onto it before he was!)

Of course, if you have a strong interest in pursuing web typography, I suggest you carefully select your face and buy it. A good body face will only cost about $25USD.

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Work

After months with no posting -- it's time to pony up.

I've been concentrating on iPhone photography and it has already morphed into work I am pleased with. My approach matured fast from idle shooting and tinkering to real work.

I'm fixated on pushing the iPhone to the limits of its native capabilities. To that end, I shoot anyway I can get an image and that's that.  No cropping or manipulative post-processing with the exception of turning some images to sepia.  What I saw is what you get.

From now on, organic images and pure abstractions will be in their native colors, as will the odd shot of something which caught my eye (like Matching Attire at the left) . For the most part, man-made things will be "sepia-ized" as in Freight at bottom right. All prints are made in the native iPhone size (5.33" x 4"); 8" x 10" matted and framed.

Newest images are here:
New iPhone photographs.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Artist Gardener: iPad painting by Corliss Blakely

This iPad painting by Corliss Blakely is fascinating for me. Especially do I like the blurred sketch of what I'm guessing is one of her black/white watercolors. A group of those watercolors is hanging at the STAART Gallery in St. Albans, Vermont right now. And, though it wouldn't be quite a $600 million heist as recently occurred in Paris -- it would still be a heist nontheless -- and one I've contemplated in my weaker moments!

But, I love the casualness of this particular painting--seems a departure from her more structured/studied paintings. This makes it richer and more appealing for me. I look forward to more in this vein; it's valuble to be aware of an artist's growth

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Continuing Color Obsession

Even as my own world grows duller and thicker, colors eventually explode in my brain. They chew away until they have a space large enough for them to combust. I'm grateful for this, but wish I had the ability to exercise some control over their unruliness within me.

Our World I - 9" x 12" - Watercolor on paper.

To View in Gallery

A Morning to Remember

With a nod to the Titanic as I still wait to lose my land, these images gave themselves to me. Sunrises are, for me, more often spectacular than their opposites. They are also fleeting as the light seems to change much much faster. These three appeared within 5 minutes: the first two facing east, the third facing west.
Spring Morning I
Spring Morning II
Spring Morning III

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Numbered Days Continue

As I number the days of this morning view I'm feeling homeless and helpless. And, to preserve my sanity, I seize on any distraction that comes my way.

For the latest one, I have Verizon to thank. Their service is so abominable that after 7 months, I had a temper tantrum and, using the real Credit Card -- the one that's NOT a debit card, I signed up with AT&T and came home with an iPhone. From a couple of bars at best in a few places in the house, I went to 4-5 bars everywhere. But, that was only the tip of the iceberg.

Finally, finally, I feel that I have a small corner of the 21st Century in my hands. When the snow denies me my satellite internet connection, I flick on my phone and read my email. I'm also currently reading Nikolas Tesla's quirky autobiography via a free eBook reader. No more gnashing of molars because I have to wait somewhere and forgot to bring a book.

And, speaking of books--I've discovered a blog that will be a "must read" from now on: The Idea Logical Blog. Anyone reading this who is a compulsive reader, lover of books, old English Major, armchair traveler, etc. ought to be reading this blog on a regular basis. My dears, it previews the future, and I for one will be on board (though I will definitely be moving my approximately 50 cartons of books when the time comes)!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Among the many things . . .

I care about are blues, banjos, and birds. The alliteration is a must here, because all three are combined in the posts of Julie Waters, Vermont musician and photographer. Of course she lives way down south in Vermont. But at least us Northerners can get there via the internet.

Of course, thanks to our "do nothing" governor, all of us can't listen to a song without loading pauses (unless you have an AT&T iPhone account--and yes that is a gratuitous plug--for those of us desperate to have at least a tiny bit of real estate in the modern world).

Here's the link:
Julie Waters' Blog

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nagoya/Vermont: They're Back!

The Nagoya/Vermont group is back from their trip to Japan and the first installment is up with wonderful pictures. Well worth the browse. It's these small sparklings that show up in a generally messy world that give a little hope.
Nagoya/Vermont: ON THE PLANET
Check the blog for many more images.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Out of the depths once again

Hey! It's not much to look at, but I woke up this morning with those colors, or a close approximation, in my head. First time that's happened since my last post on November 27,2009.

I know two things are responsible. The Art of Action exhibit currently at STAART Gallery in St. Albans (reception was last night), and talking to Susan Abbott again. It seems to be a potent mix for me. And that both things occurred at STAART Gallery added something extra; there is a vibe in that place that's hard to describe, but almost tangible.

Putting the family homestead on the market more or less wiped my soul of color. And, for that matter, most everything. I think I know how a mole feels on the first real spring day.