Friday, September 3, 2010

New Work

After months with no posting -- it's time to pony up.

I've been concentrating on iPhone photography and it has already morphed into work I am pleased with. My approach matured fast from idle shooting and tinkering to real work.

I'm fixated on pushing the iPhone to the limits of its native capabilities. To that end, I shoot anyway I can get an image and that's that.  No cropping or manipulative post-processing with the exception of turning some images to sepia.  What I saw is what you get.

From now on, organic images and pure abstractions will be in their native colors, as will the odd shot of something which caught my eye (like Matching Attire at the left) . For the most part, man-made things will be "sepia-ized" as in Freight at bottom right. All prints are made in the native iPhone size (5.33" x 4"); 8" x 10" matted and framed.

Newest images are here:
New iPhone photographs.

1 comment:

  1. It's nice to see new art, and very cool art at that.
    The first photo looks like a watercolor. (Are you still water coloring too?)