Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Numbered Days Continue

As I number the days of this morning view I'm feeling homeless and helpless. And, to preserve my sanity, I seize on any distraction that comes my way.

For the latest one, I have Verizon to thank. Their service is so abominable that after 7 months, I had a temper tantrum and, using the real Credit Card -- the one that's NOT a debit card, I signed up with AT&T and came home with an iPhone. From a couple of bars at best in a few places in the house, I went to 4-5 bars everywhere. But, that was only the tip of the iceberg.

Finally, finally, I feel that I have a small corner of the 21st Century in my hands. When the snow denies me my satellite internet connection, I flick on my phone and read my email. I'm also currently reading Nikolas Tesla's quirky autobiography via a free eBook reader. No more gnashing of molars because I have to wait somewhere and forgot to bring a book.

And, speaking of books--I've discovered a blog that will be a "must read" from now on: The Idea Logical Blog. Anyone reading this who is a compulsive reader, lover of books, old English Major, armchair traveler, etc. ought to be reading this blog on a regular basis. My dears, it previews the future, and I for one will be on board (though I will definitely be moving my approximately 50 cartons of books when the time comes)!


  1. Does this mean you sold your house?
    Congratulations and condolences?

    I envy you your iPhone... I may get there yet.
    I feel less homeless since the invention of portable communications, specifically my laptop.
    But still, land is land.

  2. Fresca --
    No, I haven't sold it yet. That's why the days of my view are numbered -- it will happen eventually.
    But this limbo state is driving me insane.

  3. Waiting can be the hardest part...