Friday, November 27, 2009


HOUSE and 32 acres FOR SALE
In Fletcher, near Fairfax. House built 1937-38. Hardwood floors. 4 Bedrooms. Needs work.
Current owner/resident is indigent artist whose family land this has been since 1867. New furnace, new chimney lining, roof new about 5 years ago. Excellent spring water.

Large studio/workspace attached to house with heat and double-door entry.

Listed with Paul Clark, 802-598-4553 (Lang McLaughry Spera, MLS#2912808).


  1. Oh, no... you have to sell your beautiful house? It looks heavenly. I
    wish I were rich and could buy it and make it an artists retreat... with you in permanent residence, of course.

  2. lol -- yes wouldn't that be nice -- for both of us! It's really not beautiful, but it's a good strong house and I love it. It needs work that I can't afford to give it. And, I really need to do this while I'm still physically able to move. (Just the thought of moving all my books makes me want to go back to bed!)

  3. In a roundabout way that blogs worked, this morning I discovered another VT artist's blog: Studio and Garden, but Altoon Sultan--know her? Nice stuff.

  4. Sheesh... sorry for the sloppily typed comment.
    I'm really bad about this--I am going to commit to proofreading before posting from now on!