Friday, October 16, 2009

When the going gets tough . . .

. . . the tough go into business!

Two days in a sweatshop, where you get fired if you are caught sitting down while waiting, will either kill you or provide adrenalin. I got the adrenalin.

There is a new business in Vermont. In Franklin County. (Only a couple of artists would have the temerity to start an "art" business in this economy!)

Here's the link where you can see our buttons: ART BUTTON WORKS.

The first official display will happen Saturday, the 17th of October at the Farmers' Market in Taylor Park, St. Albans.


  1. Clair,
    I'm sorry you've been having such a tough winter looms. But, struggle leads to creation, and you've created Art Button Works. Here's to $ucce$$!
    I have taken the plunge into blog land:
    Best Wishes,

  2. Hooray!
    I bought one! (But it wasn't 100% clear to me that the link in the post leads to buttons for sale--maybe make it clear: "You can browse and shop here"? for slow ones like me?)

    I was tickled to see that the button I chose is named "nebula," which fits my space (inner and outer) interests.

  3. You have the (dubious) honor of being the first official online purchaser! I'm shipping it out this afternoon. One of my life long interests is astronomy so that explains the name! That one is one of my favorites.
    AND, I really thank you for unknowingly testing the purchasing system lol - -- I tried it myself and of course it worked; but then, I'm the nervous type!

  4. Cool!
    I posted about the buttons on my blog too.

    Have you considered selling them on Etsy too? I don't really know about the world of art-sales, but I hear it's cheap to sell through that site.

  5. It has arrived! And it is GORGEOUS! You can't see clearly on the photo how magical it is---and it sparkles! Thank you very much.

  6. Fresca -
    You are a shot in the arm! And, yes, even though I'm a photographer, I find it difficult to get images of the buttons that convey their subtleties and shine! I'm so glad you are happy with your button.