Monday, January 5, 2009

After WRJ

I didn't find Barrows Point. And, in daylight, at the freightyards, I found a heap of bricks and burned timbers: the roundhouse and yard buildings burned a month ago. All that remains is a street sign: Roundhouse Rd. Another Vermont sign with the name of something which once existed but is no more. I feel a sense of urgency.

I am thoroughly enamored of WRJ. It has railroads and art. What more could one ask for? I drove home without the radio, thinking about art communities and how we don't have one in St. Albans, in spite of strenuous efforts on the part of the leaders of the St. Albans Artists' Guild. Art just isn't on the map here--yet! We at least have a wonderful gallery--STAART Gallery (thanks to the extremely professional care and organization of Stina Plant), which is also a place for meetings, but we need more, much more.

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