Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Slice of LIfe Here

Supplicant, er, Applicant, heal thyself.

The following is excerpted from one of my posts:

Maybe this is what we need to do. Go after that grail of "touching blood". Make them hurt, dance, weep, howl, feel heat in the blood, but above all think. I now know this might not have been such a good idea for my last project! However, I think it stands up in the wider world. If we don't go after this, what are we after? And, what are we about? Artists don't make art to hide things from the world. And what we choose to show is what differentiates us. Selection is everything in art; it slices up the world into one's own mosaic. It is the depth of the cut, the sharpness of the blade that determines value.

At the risk of belaboring this metaphor, we hone that blade on books, on people, on history, on glimpses caught by the corner of our eye.

It is my intention in this blog, among other things, to keep a record of my sharpening tools and a box of band-aids within easy reach.


  1. Hi Clar!
    Yes, Flannery O'Conner exclaims: "Art is Selective!"
    Nicely written and beautifully felt...though it hurts.
    David B

  2. Hi David --
    I didn't know that about F.O. -- thanks for that.