Monday, February 9, 2009

Digging Out from Under

WARNING: This post is shameless self-promotion.

I was in stasis because I had put so many things aside for the AOA work that I couldn't decide what to do first!

Well, I decided I can live in a pig sty but I can't not eat. So the first thing I've done is update my other (geeky) web site--the one that occasionally brings in money!

VT2000 Technical Services

You might recognize the name from my email address--same email address, same server since 1996 or '97, I forget which now, it's been so long.

So, if there are any artists out there who need web work, heh, heh, I'm here. Don't do shopping carts, flash, or other bells and whistles, just sharp, fast, safe, well-designed sites that handle images properly. Oh, and as long as I manage the site, I can host it as well.

And, as one artist to another, the cost for both is very reasonable.


  1. Clair,
    I love your White River site. And your writing,
    always crystals which interest me, teach me.
    It sounds as though the fire is burning. Don't forget that lunch date?!

  2. John-
    You are so incredibly supportive. Your phone call on THE Monday helped a great deal. And, no, I haven't forgotten my Johnson tour! Cell phone wrapped around neck all waking hours. BUT, WHY aren't you keeping up YOUR blog? Turnabout is fair play here.