Sunday, August 9, 2009

My One-day Vacation

No two weeks in Hawaii, or whatever destination constitutes one's idea of a vacation in paradise could match my one-day wonder.

This is the entrance to The Clark Institute of Art in Williamstown, Massachusetts. A red granite respository of almost unending visual excitement. And, I was there. I was there for this:
Ever since Jayne Shoup (Vermont Pastel Artist in Middlesex) called my attention to the work of Arthur Dove after looking at my work earlier in this blog, I've been getting deeper and deeper into what he was doing. And then, after she went to this exhibit, she told me about it. I was determined to go because, by then, I'd already read a great deal about him and had resigned myself to the fact that, at my age, I would never see his work in the flesh.

Yesterday was the day. A day I'll be recovering from for a very long time. There will be more about it in upcoming posts, but for now, while it is wholly undigested, I at least wanted to give a heads up to any Vermont artists in the southern part of the state. Go there; it's up through 7 September. See this work-- Dove and early O'Keeffe. And, as lagniappe, there's a massive display of Sol Lewitt's work right next door in North Adams at Mass MOCA.

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