Monday, December 15, 2008

Franklin County Pictures!

Finally, I know something for sure about my project.

There will be pictures of Franklin County.

This is a matter of concern to me because in all the Vermont and New England books I've read or skimmed lately (and in my lifetime) pictures north of Burlington range from none to few and very far between. All my adult life I've known that folks were fond of saying "Franklin County has more cows than people." And, that statement always made me proud. (Aside: I think that may no longer be true.) But you won't find images from here among the luscious views in Washington or LaMoille or Orange counties. An occasional one on a calendar, yes, but, photographically, this seems to be the forgotten county. Not any more.

Though, I must say, it's rather a daunting task for a photographer to contemplate taking pictures of the "future". Hey, if I could do that, I'd be funding an arts project!


  1. Beautiful. And I've often wondered what Franklin County looks like.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth -- I think Franklin County is one of Vermont's best kept secrets. This shot was taken about a quarter mile from where I live. (It's from the cemetery where I know I'll be buried.)

  3. That photo is beautiful. I love the landscape image of distinct solidness in the lower half of the picture then abrupt distant and far off air in the upper half... no mid-range, just heaven and earth kinda stuff.