Monday, December 22, 2008

For Susan Abbott

From the moment I knew I was a finalist I've known that somehow my project would have to include something ongoing for making and keeping connections between Vermonters and artists, and, I've just realized--also between artist and artists. And this post shows why.

I've been following everyone's blog and soaking up the images, but Susan was among the first heavy duty bloggers and so she's got the longest track record for me. And, as a photographer repelled by power lines, I've been fascinated to see them in her work. So, last Saturday on my way down to Burlington, I stopped the car in the middle of the road in Essex and shot this. It's not art, but it shows that I now see things I blocked out before.


  1. Thank you, Clair, I'm flattered to have any effect on your excellent eye! Now I hope you can help me develop more tolerance for some landscape feature that irritates the hell out of me. Maybe Mcmansions, or strip malls (and J.B. jackson actually likes them, though he was writing in the 60's before they took over the planet.) Anyway, powerlines and phone poles are part of the reason I like Hopper's compositions so much--and you do too, correct?

  2. lol - and that's a tough one. I have a city image I took a month or so ago; it's a nasty image of Lowe's on Shelburne Road. As an image I think it quite fine, as a portrait of Lowe's, I doubt they'd use it in their advertising!