Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Same Sunset - Two Artists!

This image (from an earlier post) is here again because of a wonderful coincidence.

I swear that this same sunset was photographed by David Kearns from the Firehouse Studio in Burlington, Vermont, just 30 miles south of me. David is not just another artist, but he is also, as I am, a finalist in the Vermont Arts Council and Lyman Orton's Art of Action Project in Vermont.

Here the link to his images of it that he displays in the small slide show that's second on the right of his page.

And here's my image (again):


  1. hi Clair
    November 6th? that's what my tags say.
    it was a good one....

  2. i have one shot from about quarter to 6, then another at 6. By the color looks like you snapped yours somewhere between.
    nice picture!

  3. David --
    It's not so weird that both of us snapped it, what blows my mind is that we are connected to one another--both AOA finalists--i.e., part of a tiny group of people and we were doing the same thing at the same time.