Monday, September 3, 2012

Palette Squared II

A few weeks ago I posted an image of the start of my palette chart.

I finished it this week--all 400 squares. When it was done I saw it as a piece of art in itself--more than an exercise. I took it out in the sunlight to photograph and realized it could stand alone (beyond a technical photograph of the squares themselves).

Even though my camera takes a huge image, I like the smallness here which makes the colors on the paper seem to blur and the whole more of an organic piece suited to a natural environment.

And, below, is the workaday image of the thing itself.

In making this, my whole focus, of course, was on color. Some colors got me itching to see them side by side or superimposed one on the other. And this of course led me to thinking about color field painting. Something I've not thought about in relation to my own work. I may have some thinking to do here.

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