Monday, July 6, 2009

Moonlight in Vermont

After a couple of depressing weeks, I've managed to get myself back. I forced myself out of the house to go to The Studio Store in Johnson to buy a tube of paint. It worked. (The paint served not quite the same purpose as the pencil did in Virginia Woolf's Street Haunting, but similar.)

I mucked with my colors when I came back, and the next day got this onto a small stretched canvas (garage sale reclamation). It's number 4, I think, in my Moonlight in Vermont series. And, every time I work on this project, I curse the modern cars that are now endowed with the inability to turn off the headlights.

There is a stretch of straight road just as I turn off Route 104 whenever I come home from St. Albans. At least once a year, when the moon was bright and I happened to be coming home that way at night, I used to turn off my headlights as I made that turn, and drive for a bit in a moonlit world. It always gave me a few moments of deep pleasure. And, now, no more.


  1. This would make a great book cover!
    Very atmospheric...

  2. Thanks! And I am consumed, as I said in an earlier post, about the wash in this project. I keep tinkering and tinkering. Now I'm also consumed by the differentiation of the two hills. Maybe, lacking nighttime drives, I need to get an endless loop tape of "Moonlight in Vermont" and set it going!