Monday, March 30, 2009

What is this plant? Besides lagniappe.

It's been weeks that I haven't been out shooting--too much hard scrabble going on to do that. But, I had to go to Enosburgh to hang my photographs in the Artist in Residence Gallery AND it was a stunningly gorgeous spring day!

I did get some good shots which I am still processing and a couple of them I know already are keepers. It was long work in the gallery and so I was ready for lunch at the end, starving and dying of thirst. As I was trying not to chew on the menu, I saw some sort of plant off to my left--it looked artificial, but because artificial "restaurant plants" usually attempt to resemble something common and this one certainly wasn't "common" to me, I took a second look. Didn't help. So, I got up and walked up to it and touched it. It was not artificial. It was incredibly beautiful and real. But, no one in the place knew what it was. And I need to know what this thing is.


  1. I was just idly browsing through blogs of people who put "the alphabet" on their list of interests (I'd thought I'd be the only one, but of course one never is alone on the nets) and couldn't resist answering this question because I have one of these plants and am very fond of it:
    it's a prayer plant, so called because when it gets dry it lifts up its stalks and leaves, as if in supplication!

    Also, condolences on the passing of your kitty. That can be a powerful loss, I've found.

  2. Fresca --
    Thank you for answering my desperate plea and identifying the plant. It's been driving me nuts.

    And, not many folks have read The Wide Sargasso Sea! Nor are they aware of the existence of Jeanette Winterson. (sp.)

    Since you are in publishing, you might find the distillation of my former existence interesting. I had it all until I had to sell it all to pay the taxes one year. It was a bad year.


  3. Hi!
    Wow! Fairfax Press looks great! Did you see on my profile I have a second blog--just a one-time endeavor--"How to Make a Book"? Throughout my twenties (I'm now 48), I did some books arts: paper- and bookmaking, as well as some calligraphy, sketching and collage. Only a couple times did I do letterpress, which was yummy, but requires so much equipment for me--as you know!
    Every so often I haul out my paper and glue and make some cards or something, but mostly I stick to e-words these days. I love the blogosphere!

    I've noticed Winterson seems to be well-known in her home country, but no, not so much here. "Oranges" is the only one of her books I truly love, but I love it biggly!

  4. P.S. What a shame you had to sell the press, but it looks like you have many more portable artistic irons in the fire, eh?

  5. Fresca --
    I did see your other sort of static blog about book arts which is why I posted the URL of Farifax Press. And, have you ever seen the movie of "Oranges"? It's a stunner.

    And, yes, many irons in fire, quintessential starving artist.

    What aspect of publishing are you involved with?

  6. Right after you left the other day, I realized I have this plant in the gallery! Duh.

  7. Double duh -- because I've never seen it. Where is it!!!